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The Ventura County Republican Party does not receive any funding from the Republican National Committee or the California Republican Party. Instead, we rely upon the generous contributions of our donors for all of our funding. We are very grateful for any and all contributions our donors choose to make.

There are several way you can help our Republican candidates by supporting the Ventura County GOP financially.

First, we have several membership clubs you can choose to join. This chart explains the different benefit options you can choose from.


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2024 Membership Opportunities & Benefits

Donor Benefit Levels.png

We offer two ways you can join one of our donor membership clubs. Of course, you can opt to make your donation all at once. Alternatively, you can split your donation into monthly payments in order to better fit your budget.

If you prefer, you can also make a donation without joining one of our donor membership clubs because winning elections requires a warchest. This is especially true during these times when we are up against leftist unions, special interests, and dark money funded by wealthy progressives. Regardless of how much you choose to contribute, every dollar matters. We have a state to save!

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