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Ventura GOP Statement on Trump New York Trial Verdict

May 30, 2024

Thousand Oaks, Calif. – The Ventura County Republican Party issued the following statement on the verdict in the trial of President Trump: 

"This trial has been clouded by the perception of political bias from the very beginning. It was prosecuted by a George Soros-backed DA, who ran on a platform of going after President Trump, and was overseen by a Joe Biden donor, serving as judge, whose bizarre instructions to the jury all but guaranteed today’s verdict.

If that’s not enough, that judge won’t even impose sentencing until four days before the Republican National Convention where the Republican Party will nominate Donald Trump as our candidate for President. This is election interference plain and simple.

This verdict will now go to appeal where we expect justice will be restored along with confidence in our legal system, which has been politicized by Joe Biden and his cronies.

We look forward to a much more important verdict – the one which will be issued by the American people on November 5th when voters will pass judgment on the failed policies of the Biden administration."

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