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"Blatantly Unconstitutional:" Amended Bill Would Allow Removal of School Board Members Who Oppose Indoctrination Policies

June 23, 2023

AB 1352 threatens to eliminate free speech on school boards

Thousand Oaks, Calif.  – Ventura County Republican Party Chairman John Andersen, who is a former Trustee of the Conejo Unified School District, today called Assembly Bill 1352, which is now pending in the State Senate “blatantly unconstitutional.”

The bill by Assemblywoman Mia Bonta (D-Oakland), which was recently amended in an eleventh-hour procedure known as “gut and amend”, has gone from originally extending a childcare subsidy program in eleven counties to now allow for the removal of school board members who oppose “inclusive policies, practices, and curriculum.”

“This bill appears to be the Left's response to local school boards who try to protect our kids from being sexualized by Sacramento's policies,” Chairman Andersen said.

“If this bill passes and becomes law, school board members who propose ideas that run afoul of Sacramento’s mandates could be removed by their Leftist colleagues with a two-thirds vote,” Andersen continued. “I can’t think of anything the Democrats have tried which is more un-American.”

“In fact, this bill would be more likely to be found in Communist China than the United States of America, but that’s what we’re getting with the so-called progressives in Sacramento,” Andersen said.

“School board members are duly-elected officials chosen by the voters in their district. Allowing their removal for voicing an opposing opinion smacks of totalitarianism,” Andersen continued. “I cannot imagine I would have ever considered voting to remove a colleague because he or she voted a particular way, but that’s where we are in Gavin Newsom’s California. All voters who are concerned about the direction of government in California will have an opportunity to restore sanity to our state next year by voting Republican.”

“I hope people will call, write and email their state legislators to strongly oppose this bill,” he concluded.

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