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Ventura County GOP Chair Calls for Oxnard Councilman’s Resignation Amid DUI Charges and Domestic Violence Restraining Order

December 8, 2023

Thousand Oaks, Calif. – John Andersen, Chairman of the Ventura County Republican Party, today called for the resignation of Oxnard City Councilman Arthur Valenzuela Zavala.

“Councilman Zavala has been charged with two counts of driving under the influence. As an elected official, he has breached the trust that the voters placed in him when he was elected and he needs to resign,” said Andersen.

“How can the citizens of Oxnard be expected to follow the leadership of Councilman Zavala when he himself cannot follow our state’s drunk driving laws?” he continued.

“As if that’s not enough, Zavala’s estranged wife, whom he just married in May, has filed a restraining order against him, accusing him of domestic violence. Clearly, he has some personal issues he needs to deal with and the residents of Oxnard’s Sixth District deserve to be represented by someone who can effectively represent them.

“Mr. Zavala should step down immediately so that a special election can be called to seat a new councilmember immediately. If he refuses to do so, then his constituents should begin the process of recalling him from office,” Andersen concluded.

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