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The Ventura County Republican Party supports lowering taxes and fees on energy, gas, food, cars and living expenses that impact our families and seniors. We encourage innovation and reducing regulations to improve the business climate which will lead to job creation, business retention and overall prosperity.



The Ventura County Republican Party believes all citizens have a right to have a robust and inviting job market, free of overwhelming red tape and high taxation. When our local economy and job markets flourish; so does Ventura County.



The Ventura County Republican Party supports all reasonable measures to strengthen academic standards and maximize the influence and involvement of parents in the schools. We support a quality education system that ensures access, opportunity and a safe learning environment for all children. We believe that parents will make better choices than government in almost every case. We support school choice programs, the right of parents to choose to have their child taught in academic English, and to opt out of age inappropriate and sexually explicit curriculum.



The Ventura County Republican Party strives to ensure election integrity and foster confidence in this sacred franchise.  We want to protect the fundamental right of citizens by making certain that every legal vote counts.  We work towards the goal of fair, honest elections and updated, clean voter rolls.  

election integrity


The Ventura County Republican Party seeks short and long-term solutions to the rapidly growing homeless crisis. We need to work together to provide medical and mental health care, as well as additional shelter beds, to give the less fortunate an opportunity to rehabilitate.  A strong economy at all levels is key to preventing further homelessness.  Our businesses, faith-based organizations, and local government can help our communities become safer and more prosperous. 



Homeownership is the American dream however for many Ventura County residents that dream is out of reach. The Ventura County Republican Party believes that every family should have access to affordable housing options, near their employment, near quality schools for their children, and with access to medical providers necessary to meeting their healthcare needs. The VCRP supports tackling the affordability crisis by incentivizing, cutting red tape and reducing obstacles of residential and commercial builders.



The Ventura County Republican Party believes one of the most fundamental duties of the government is to keep our citizens safe by enforcing our laws in a just and timely manner. Supporting local, state and national law enforcement officers and first responders is one of our core beliefs.


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